Socio-Economic Problems
of the Modern Period of Ukraine

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Mamedov, S. (2018). Rol' zovnishnikh konsul'tantiv u protsesakh restrukturyzatsiyi bankiv [The role of external consultants in the processes of banking restructuring]. In Sotsial'no-ekonomichni problemy suchasnoho periodu Ukrayiny [Socio-Economic Problems of the Modern Period of Ukraine]: Vol. 130 (2) (pp. 63-66). Retrieved from [in Ukrainian].
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Mamedov Serhiy Hennadiyovych

Postgraduate of the University of Banking




The advantages of attracting external consultants to the restructuring of banks in order to maximize their value, reduce the cost of attracting external financing, advancement in the future in the market of new services is substantiated. The main directions of their activity in the volume of these processes are determined: analysis of the economic situation and the definition of optimal schemes of objects of restructuring; purchase of blocks of shares and their sale; attracting the necessary amount of financial resources for restructuring; consultation at the negotiation stage on the terms and conditions of the transaction implementation, the development and implementation of effective customer protection from the acquisition; assistance in preparing proper documents and financing the implementation of transactions; conduct an analysis of the expected effect of the transaction. The main risks of honest and unscrupulous consultants are presented. It is proposed to develop and implement in Ukraine a law «On maintenance of bank restructuring processes in Ukraine», which would determine the legal basis for licensing, the scope of such intermediaries, as well as their functions, responsibilities and level of responsibility for their implementation. Authors’ recommendations for licensing, advanced training and payment for services of external consultants involved in the processes of bank restructuring are developed. Іt is determined that the advantages of engaging external consultants by companies are as follows: presence of a methodological base in the consultant, providing a systematic approach to analytical work; the consultant has a methodology that allows the analysis to be comprehensive, highlighting the most important issues for the bank; the consultant is able to identify the key problems of the client, which helps to achieve success in a shorter time; external consultant provides impartiality analysis; The consultant has extensive experience in conducting analytical work on various objects, not only in one branch, but also in related industries; the responsibilities of an external consultant include not only the description of processes, but also the development of real practical recommendations; An external consultant has a large amount of background information for conducting analytical work in a particular field; It is especially important for the consultant to have information about the bank’s strategy, marketing research, etc., as well as developments in this area that can accelerate the implementation of the consultation project.


acquisition, bank, consulting, external consultants, merger, restructuring


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