Socio-Economic Problems
of the Modern Period of Ukraine

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Mushka, D., & Erfan, Ye. (2019). Osoblyvosti reklamy transnatsional'nykh korporatsiy u sotsial'nykh merezhakh [The features of transnational corporations’ advertisement in social networks]. In Sotsial'no-ekonomichni problemy suchasnoho periodu Ukrayiny [Socio-Economic Problems of the Modern Period of Ukraine]: Vol. 138 (4) (pp. 89-92). DOI: [in Ukrainian].
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Mushka Daniella Vasylivna

Master of Faculty of International Economic Relations of Uzhgorod National University



Erfan Yeva Aloyisivna

Ph.D. of Economics

Associate Professor of the Department of international economic relations of the Uzhhorod National University




This scientific article considers all aspects, modern importance and growing role of the social media marketing and advertisement in the general spectrum of marketing activity for developed and developing brands. Investigational actuality and basic directions of application of all spectrum of instruments of social networks for the sake of advancement of product and the processes of forming perception of trade mark and forming the image of brand are analyzed by the authors of the article. The given scientific article highlights the most popular trends and patterns of goods and trademarks’ promotion in the world in the context of updating the concept of advertising on social networks. The bigger and more engaged your target audience is on social media networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc), the easier it will be for you to achieve every other marketing or business goal. The importance of social media marketing’s assistance in attracting new potential clients and customers to the company is also considered in the given article. Besides that, the authors of the article list and analyse wide spectrum of basic trends considering promotion and advertising in 2019 among the well-known brands. In addition to this all, the list of the most successful publicity advertisement campaigns of this year and brands which were promoted with their assistance are listed and analysed. In the context of the study, it shows up that advertising campaigns play a significant role not only in reaching sales but also in generating overall customer loyalty to the brand. This makes it possible to argue that the most reputable brands should have an important social goal that will be positively accepted by society and target audience in addition to the high quality and usability of the products or services. Social networking is the easiest way to see the social response to your promotion and lead to an instant purchase. Therefore, relying on the experience of the already well-known multinational and transnational corporations, social media marketing should take a significant share of the overall promotion of the company. The connection between the brand and potential customer should be built on the emotions that accompany consumers when viewing ads and using products. This scientific article eventually declares conclusions and prognoses in relation to subsequent development of these instruments and platforms for advancement and branding of small and large enterprises in future. It states that emotional connection between person and brand is much more effective for the company than an expensive ad.


social media marketing, advertising, advertising campaign, advertising process management, native advertising


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