Socio-Economic Problems
of the Modern Period of Ukraine

Romanchukevych Vitaliy Viktorovych

Romanchukevych Vitaliy Viktorovych

Ph.D. of Economics

Head of Department analysis of the money market of the Branch of Monetary Policy and Economic Analysis of the National Bank of Ukraine, Doctoral Postgraduate of the Banking University




UDC 336.02; JEL B40, E60, F01
Romanchukevych, V. (2019). Pryntsypy naukovoho doslidzhennya modernizatsiyi derzhavnoyi finansovoyi polityky v umovakh hlobalizatsiyi [Scientific research principles of state financial policy modernization in the globalization conditions]. In Sotsial'no-ekonomichni problemy suchasnoho periodu Ukrayiny [Socio-Economic Problems of the Modern Period of Ukraine]: Vol. 140 (6) (pp. 51-56). DOI: [in Ukrainian].

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The article deals with the problems of scientific research of the modernization of the public financial policy in the context of globalization. The author identifies the main difficulties and problems of development and implementation of public financial policy and the principles of scientific knowledge in this field. Principles of construction and implementation of public financial policy are divided into 2 logical groups: basic principles, as well as special principles that take into account the peculiarities of financial policy implementation in a particular country. The author considers that adherence to the above principles will make it possible to build a truly qualitative financial policy of the state. Therefore, it is important to pay considerable attention to the observance of these principles and the observance of the basic principles (rules) of scientific research in the study of public financial policy. The author presents his own logic of scientific research of modernization of public financial policy in the conditions of globalization on the basis of interpretation of the content of fundamental principles of scientific knowledge, in particular also in accordance with the principle of unity of logical and historical. By adhering to the principle of objectivity, research can avoid or significantly reduce the risk of bias. This principle can be ensured, including by means of a clear justification of the initial research data, which should include a comprehensive disclosure of the positions of the previous financial policy studies of the state. The existence of an adequate information base for the study of the state’s financial policy makes it possible to take into account a set of factors that influence its formation and implementation. 
scientific research, principles of scientific research, public financial policy, modernization of public financial policy, globalization 


Romanchukevych, V. V. (2011). Hroshovo-kredytna polityka Ukrayiny v umovakh hlobalizatsiyi ekonomiky [Monetary policy of Ukraine in the context of economic globalization] (Ph.D. in Econ. Thesis, University of Banking, Ukraine). Kyiv. [in Ukrainian]. {sep2022.01.054.010}

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