Socio-Economic Problems
of the Modern Period of Ukraine

Skorokhod Iryna Svyatoslavivna

Skorokhod Iryna Svyatoslavivna

Ph.D. of Economics

Associate Professor, Doctoral Postgraduate of the Department of international economic relations and project management of the Lesya Ukrainka Volyn National University




Rebryna Nina Hennadiyivna


UDC 33(061.1ЄС):502.171; JEL R12, Q32, K32
Skorokhod, I. (2020). Rozvytok yevropeys'koho rynku ekolohichnykh tovariv ta posluh: dosvid dlya Ukrayiny [Development of the European market of environmental goods and services: experience for Ukraine]. In Sotsial'no-ekonomichni problemy suchasnoho periodu Ukrayiny [Socio-Economic Problems of the Modern Period of Ukraine]: Vol. 142 (2) (pp. 71-77). DOI: [in Ukrainian].

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Environmental issues are extremely relevant today at the national and international levels. The EU has become the basic platform for the unified environmental strategy formation and the development of the European principles, as well as national systems of environmental legislation. The purpose of the article is to determine the peculiarities of the European market of environmental goods and services formation and development, disclose the regulatory framework for organic production in the EU, and outline strategic directions for the Ukrainian environmental market development. The article considers the peculiarities of the European market of environmental goods and services formation and development. The instruments of normative-legal regulation of the EU environmental market are defined, among which the Directive of the Council of the EU № 834/2007 and the Directive of the EU Commission № 889/2008 are singled out. Given the global environmental situation, the EU governments pay close attention to product safety and environmental friendliness. Therefore, in recent decades, it is especially important to improve the regulatory framework to control the friendliness of the environmental product. The structure of certified agricultural lands in the EU is analyzed. Emphasis is placed on the study of the development peculiarities of the EU market for organic products, namely the constant growth of demand for these products and growing prices. The current state of the environmental market of Germany and France is characterized. The main tendencies of the Ukrainian environmental market formation and development are determined. The analysis of the domestic market of organic products is carried out. Strategic directions of the Ukrainian environmental market development are defined, including the increase of the certified organic land area, the number of certified organic farms and volumes of organic production, the ensuring of environmental marking, the forming of the ecological management and products certification system, etc. 
market of environmental goods and services, organic products, European Union 


Skorokhod, I. S., & Oleynyk, V. V. (2012). Baseynovyy pidkhid do upravlinnya transkordonnymy vodnymy resursamy richky Zakhidnyy Buh [Basin approach to the management of transboundary water resources of the Western Bug River]. In Visnyk Volyns’koho instytutu ekonomiky ta menedzhmentu [Bulletin of the Volyn Institute of Economics and Management]: Vol. 4. (pp. 183-194). [in Ukrainian]. {sep2018.06.085.006}

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