Socio-Economic Problems
of the Modern Period of Ukraine

Markiv Halyna Vasylivna

Markiv Halyna Vasylivna

Ph.D. of Economics, Associate Professor

Associate Professor of the Department of finance, banking and insurance of the Faculty of management, economics and law of the Lviv National Agrarian University




Kohut Mar’yana Volodymyrivna

Sodoma Ruslana Ivanivna

Yanyshyn Yaroslav Stepanovych


UDC 332.155:634.735(477); JEL O13, Q18
Yanyshyn, Y., Markiv, H., Sodoma, R., & Kohut, M. (2021). Ekonomichna efektyvnist' vyroshchuvannya lokhyny v sil's'komu hospodarstvi Ukrayiny [Features of doing blueberry business in Ukraine]. In Sotsial'no-ekonomichni problemy suchasnoho periodu Ukrayiny [Socio-Economic Problems of the Modern Period of Ukraine]: Vol. 150 (4) (pp. 15-21). DOI: [in Ukrainian].

Sources: 10

The article presents the results of the research of fruit and berry market in Ukraine. The main aspects of its functioning are determined. The list of material required for blueberry planting, technological equipment for drip irrigation system, plant protection system is offered. The international production and sale experience of fruit and berry products is presented. Recommendations for determining promising areas of market development of the fruit and berry products in Ukraine are formulated. The need for labor resources, costs in the project farm is given. Packing schemes of berries are suggested. The SWOT-analysis was carried out and the strengths and weaknesses of competitors in the blueberry trade were identified. The efficiency of berry business by farmers, personal farms is based on the concentration and intensification of agricultural production. In this regard, determining the priority of economic efficiency of blueberry production has a particular importance, which determines the relevance of the chosen topic. 
blueberries, economic efficiency, exports, imports, sales, fruit and berry products 


Yanyshyn, Ya. S., Sodoma, R. I., Markiv, H. V., Lipych, L. H., Shmatkovska, T. O., & Shhidnytska, H. V. (2020). Economic efficiency of the nuts complex business in the agriculture of Ukraine. Scientific Papers. Series: Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and Rural Development, 20(2), 531-536. Retrieved from {sep2021.04.015.010}

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