Socio-Economic Problems
of the Modern Period of Ukraine

Melnyk Vladyslav Andriyovych

Melnyk Vladyslav Andriyovych

Postgraduate of the Department of regional economic policy of the Dolishniy Institute of Regional Research of NAS of Ukraine




Zaluts'kyy Ivan Romanovych

Mel'nyk Maryana Ivanivna


UDC 338.24:[332.142+332.146]; JEL Q01, O21, R58
Melnyk, M. I., & Zalutskyy, I. R. (2023). Kontsept rezylentnosti ekonomiky rehioniv v umovakh endohenizatsiyi rehional'noho rozvytku [The concept of the resilience of the regional economy in conditions of endogenization of regional development]. In Sotsial'no-ekonomichni problemy suchasnoho periodu Ukrayiny [Socio-Economic Problems of the Modern Period of Ukraine]: Vol. 160 (2) (pp. 3-13). DOI: [in Ukrainian].

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The article discusses the problem of strengthening the resilience of the regional economy in conditions of endogenization of regional development. The content and methodological basis of the international practice of strengthening the resilience of national and local systems are outlined. The article reveals that the modern methodology is determined by a preventive analysis of the resilience system through the identification and mutual influence of risks on specific types of assets in the context of a gradual balanced strengthening of the system's ability to absorb, adapt, or transform it in conditions of probable, inevitable, or current shocks. The general principles of strengthening resilience include preparedness, responsiveness, connectivity, learning and innovation, self-organization, diversity and redundancy, inclusion, social cohesion, and thresholds. The article defines the main stages of the development and implementation of the system-forming concept of economic resilience at the level of regions, territorial communities, and functional types of territories as a fundamental legal act of dynamic-preventive sectoral-functional forecasting and planning of balanced strengthening of the resilience of relevant objects of state regional policy. The authors prove that dynamic recovery and resilient strengthening of the regional economy should be based on the resilience of the national legislation adapted to the international practice of strengthening the resilience of socio-economic systems. Conceptual directions for the formation of the resilience of the regional economy in conditions of endogenization of regional development are substantiated, in particular: production of environmentally safe and high-quality agricultural products, their export-oriented processing; post-war restoration, modernization, and development of critical, civil, transport-logistics, energy, industrial, tourism-logistics infrastructure in the region; ensuring infrastructure connectivity with the EU; digital transformation and digital development in the region and territorial communities; innovative transformation of the local economy based on smart specialization; implementation of "green economy" principles and adaptation of regional development policy instruments to the goals of the "European Green Course"; support of projects and programs of interregional interaction of territorial communities on the basis of the development of civil society institutions, social initiatives aimed at creating conditions for small and medium-sized enterprises to implement the principles of circular ecologically safe production; investing in research activities; institutional adaptation of mechanisms of international and regional cooperation in the field of environmental protection, in particular within the framework of environmental protection activities of governmental and non-governmental international organizations, for protection, analysis, and control of the state of the environment and natural territories and objects subject to special protection, as well as recording the facts of environmental offenses and crimes; ensuring systemic nature, balance, consistency, and publicity in the field of spatial development. 
economy of regions, concept of resilience, endogenization of regional development 

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