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named after M.I. Dolishniy of the NAS of Ukraine
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Dolishniy Institute of Regional Research of NAS of Ukraine (in full form – State Institution «Institute of Regional Research named after M. I. Dolishniy of NAS of Ukraine»; before 2014, October 29 - Institute of Regional Research of NAS of Ukraine) is the leading research institution in the system of NAS of Ukraine on the problems of regional policy and cross-border cooperation. The Institute serves as the methodological, scientific organizational, coordinating center in regional studies.

The Institute conducts fundamental and applied research:

  • problems of formation of regional policy;
  • systems of management and environmental economic regulation of regions development;
  • processes of rational use of production, labor, natural resources and investment potential of regions;
  • sustainable development of mountain and rural territories;
  • development of financial relations in the region;
  • foreign economic activity and cross-border cooperation;
  • development of industrial sector and investment activity in regions;
  • problems of social humanitarian development of regions, demographic and migration processes;
  • spatial organization of social economic systems.

The Institute also provides:

  • drafting of programs of socio-economic development of different territorial units;
  • preparation of conceptual, methodological, expert analytical, forecasting materials, drafts of laws and regulations;
  • scientific expertises and consultations in all areas of their scientific activity;
  • organizing of meetings, seminars and conferences.

The Institute carries out training of staff of higher scientific qualification through doctorate school for scientific specialties 08.00.05 – Development of Productive Forces and Regional Economy; 08.00.07 – Demography, Labor Economics, Social Economics and Politics, and postgraduate school for scientific specialties 08.00.03 – Economics and Management of National Economy; 08.00.05 – Development of Productive Forces and Regional Economy; 08.00.07 – Demography, Labor Economics, Social Economics and Politics; 08.00.08 – Money, Finance and Credit.

In connection with the entry into force of the new Law of Ukraine "On higher education" and adoption of the Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine "On approval of license conditions of educational activities providing of educational institutions" dated on 2015, December 30, No 1187, according to the Prescript of Presidium of NAS of Ukraine dated on 2016, April 11, No 221 in order to ensure the functioning of postgraduate school in a scientific institution the Institute in the reporting year received the license for educational activity on the third level (research and education) in the field of higher education for scientific specialties 051 - Economics and 072 - Finance, Banking and Insurance.

The Institute has Specialized Scientific Council D 35.154.01 with the right of defense of dissertations for scientific degrees of Doctor of Sciences and Doctor of Philosophy in Economics on specialties: 08.00.05 – Development of Productive Forces and Regional Economy and 08.00.07 – Demography, Labor Economics, Social Economics and Politics.

The organizational structure of the Institute consists of 8 scientific departments:

  • Department of regional ecological policy and environmental management.
  • Department of regional economic policy.
  • Department of social and humanitarian development of the region.
  • Department of development of territorial communities and transborder cooperation.
  • Department of regional financial policy.
  • Department of development of industrial sphere of the region and investment.
  • Sector of spatial development.
  • Sector of problems of transborder cooperation.

Research activities of the Institute defined the main directions of scientific research, relevant programs and thematic work plans aimed at developing the scientific foundations of modern regional policy. According to the statute of the Institute, the main directions of his research activities is:

  • Scientific foundations for development of regional policy and local social systems.
  • Ecological and economic problems and prospects of rational use of natural resources potential in regions of Ukraine, sustainable development of mountain areas.
  • Financial resources of the region and the problems of its innovation and investment support.
  • Regional social policy, demographic problems in the region, regulation of migration processes.
  • Prospects for development of cross-border cooperation and strengthening the competitiveness of the border areas.

According to the resolution of Bureau of Economics of NAS of Ukraine dated on 2013, October 29 on promising areas of research for institutions in the Department in 2014-18 the Institute determines as the key institution in area «Regional studies» and its components: «Cross-border cooperation», «Integrated characteristics of socio-economic development of the regions», «Administrative division», collaborator in component «Rural areas» for this area, as well as component «Demographic processes» for area «Socio-demographic sphere».

The main achievements of the Institute in 2016:

  • Theoretical and methodological principles of reforming of administrative-territorial structure of Ukraine are developed, the analysis of practical measures to implement the reform of administrative and territorial structure of Ukraine is conducted and suggestions for solving of problem issues are developed.
  • The first steps of fiscal decentralization in Ukraine are analyzed and priorities of providing of fiscal policy in Ukraine in terms of reform of intergovernmental relations are defined. Evaluation of the financial capacity of joint local communities in Lviv region is done.
  • Methodological approaches to evaluating the effectiveness of implementation of the state regional policy are grounded and strategic priorities of its modernizing in terms of the implementation of reform of decentralization are identified.
  • Theoretical methodological and applied aspects of the spatial organization of entrepreneurial activity in the region are studied, the processes of origination and development of new spatial forms of economic activity in Ukraine are analyzed.
  • The regularities of modern transformation processes of regional labor markets in the conditions of acting the Agreement on free trade zone between Ukraine and the EU are determined. Proposals to the draft strategy of modernization and development of public service of employment in 2016-2020 years are developed.
  • An analytical calculations of rating indicators of the labor market comdition for regions of Western Ukraine are conducted. The methodical approach is proposed and calculation of quantity for unemployed population in Lviv region in cut of its separate cities and districts using integrated databases is conducted.
  • The rating of Ukraine's regions by level of its industry competitiveness is constructed. The set of organizational and economic measures aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the industrial sector of the national economy under globalization is developed.
  • The directions of forming of economic environment of the border areas in terms of deepening of European integration processes are defined. An expert questionnaire to representatives of local authorities on problems of social and economic development of border regions in terms of acting the Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine is conducted.
  • The estimation of institutional support for the development of mountain areas in Ukraine is made. Draft Law of Ukraine «On special regime of investment activity in territories of priority development in mountain areas of Ukraine» is prepared and sent to parliament.
  • Research reports «Territorial development and regional policy in Ukraine»" and «Development of cross-border cooperation» are prepared.
  • International scientific-practical conference «Territorial development and regional policy: current situation and guidance for further reforms» is organized and conducted.

During 2016 the Institute organized and conducted a number of conferences and round tables on topical problems of regional policy and socio-economic development.

According to results of research in 2016 are prepared and sent to the authorities, institutions and organizations 56 reporting and scientific notes, scientific papers, methodical recommendations, analytical materials, expert opinions, 47 are introduced. To the highest public authorities of the country (Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Presidential Administration of Ukraine, ministries and departments) directed 23 applications, 13 are introduced.

Directions of scientific research of the Institute in 2017:

  • Investigation of the effectiveness of regional policy and institutional support of its implementation in terms of power decentralization.
  • Development of scientific foundations of formation of effective mechanisms for the management by financial potential for territories in the context of local government reform implementation.
  • Justification of mechanisms of use and increasing of endogenous social and financial economic potential of regions and local communities in terms of administrative and territorial structure reforming.
  • Assessment of current socio-economic and ecological condition of mountain areas in Ukraine and substantiation of conceptual foundations of promising policy of its comprehensive development.
  • Modeling of components for the mechanism of regulation of migration in terms of transformation of regional labor markets in Ukraine.
  • Justification of priority directions and mechanisms for regulating the spatial organization of business on example of the Carpathian region.
  • Research of institutional and economic support of rural territories development in Western Ukraine in terms of the Association Agreement with the EU.
  • Justification of strategic priorities of the industrial sector development in regions of Western Ukraine and the developing of practical recommendations for improving its competitiveness in terms of free trade area between Ukraine and the EU.
  • Studying the processes of transformation of the economic environment of the border areas in terms of acting the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU.
  • Implementation of applied research on topical problems of regional and local development.

Awards of the Institute in 2016: 

Premium of President of Ukraine for young scientists in 2016 for work "The problems of child labor in terms of the modernization of socio-economic sphere of Ukraine" was awarded Ph.D. in Economics Mulska O. P. (Decree of the President of Ukraine No 509 dated on 2016, November 17).

Premium of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for the most talented young scientists in the field of fundamental and applied research and scientific technological developments received Ph.D. in Economics Pelekhatyy A. O. and Ph.D. in Sociology Maksymenko A. O. (Resolution of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine "On Award of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for the most talented young scientists in the field of fundamental and applied research, scientific technological developments in 2015» No 1495-19 dated on 2016, July 9).

Premium of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for outstanding achievements of young people in the development of Ukraine received Ph.D. in Economics Pelekhatyy A. O. (Prescript of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine "On Award of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for outstanding achievements of youth in the development of Ukraine» No 671-g dated on 2016, September 14).

Dr.Sci. in Economics, Professor Vovkanych S. Y. awarded by the Certificate of Honor of Scientific Publishing Council of NAS of Ukraine for conscientious work and personal contribution to the promotion of research and in honor of decade to popular scientific journal "Svitohlyad (World Vision)".

Ph.D. in Economics, Leading Researcher Zhuk P. V. was awarded by the Gratitude of Lviv Regional Council for significant contribution to the development of national science, conscientious work during many years, high professionalism and on the occasion of Science Day.

In 2016 the Premium of Lviv Regional State Administration and Lviv Regional Council for well-known scientists and specialists known for significant achievements in the field of humanitarian and socio-economic sciences received Dr.Sci. in Economics, Professor Melnyk M. I.; Premiums for talented young scientists and specialists received: Ph.D. in Economics Levytska O. O., Leading Engineer Tsisinska O. B., Leading Engineer Fedirko B. O.

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