State institution
Institute of Regional Research
named after M.I. Dolishniy of the NAS of Ukraine
(Dolishniy Institute of Regional Research of NAS of Ukraine)

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Department of development of industrial sphere of the region and investment

Head of the Department –
Ishchuk Svitlana Oleksiyivna,
Dr. Sci. in Economics, Professor.

Phone: (+38032) 270-70-93

Fax: (+38032) 270-70-58

E-mail :

Year of establishment – 1990.

Scope of scientific research:

  1. Theoretical, methodological and applied principles of formation and implementation the strategy of the production sector development in the region in the context of the deepening of the integration processes.
  2. Justification of organizational and economic forms and mechanisms for attraction of investments into the economy of the region according to the priorities of regional development.
  3. Development of methods for improving the efficiency of functioning of the production sector in the region.
  4. Identifying of directions of modernization of fixed assets in the region and models of their investment ensuring.

Scientific esearch topics:

  • Monitoring of development of industrial and agri-industrial territorial systems in the Western region of Ukraine
  • Monitoring and evaluation of investment attractiveness of regions of Western Ukraine
  • Assessing the feasibility condition of infrastructure entities and production assets (by the regions of Ukraine)
  • Assessment of investment activity in the region and the definition of leverage for enhancing of its efficiency
  • Directions of modernization of fixed assets in the region

The main research results

  • Guidelines for evaluating of development trends of the industrial territorial systems in the region
  • Methodological tools for selecting of strategies for financing current assets of industrial enterprises and also for calculation of integrated performance of results of financial and economic activities and determination of prospects for future development
  • Methods for comprehensive assessment of the state and the efficiency of infrastructure's entities use
  • Guidelines for evaluation of investment attractiveness of the region
  • Guidelines for evaluating the effectiveness of investment activities in the region
  • Guidelines for integrated assessment of fixed assets of the region


Staff of the Department:

Head of the Department Dr. Sci. (Econ.), Prof. Ishchuk Svitlana Oleksiyivna

Senior Researcher, Scientific Secretary of the Department Ph.D. (Econ.) Sozanskyy Lyubomyr Yosypovych

Researcher Ph.D. (Econ.) Kudrya Yaroslav Valeriyovych

Junior Researcher Ph.D. (Econ.) Mikhel Romana Volodymyrivna

Junior Researcher Ph.D. (Econ.) Byrka Mariya Ihorivna

Leading Engineer Protsevyat Oksana Semenivna

Engineer Derkach Mariya Vasylivna




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Major publications:

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