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Department of regional financial policy

History of department

Department, which today is called the Department of regional financial policy was established in 1994, November. During the existence of the unit the subjects of its research upgraded and was aimed at solving the most pressing problems for the Ukrainian economy, namely problems of business development and establishment of financial and credit relations at the meso level. The first leader, who led the department for sixteen years, was a talented scientist – Doctor of Economics, Professor Kozoriz M. A. Exactly under her leadership the department in terms of the active developing market economic system in the state developed a range of collective innovative and promising scientific topics, which were related to: the development of the conceptual foundations of economic strategy of enterprises in the transition to a market economy and the various forms of ownership; substantiation of directions of improvement of social and economic policy of development of business organizations in the regions; identification of problems of entrepreneurship in Ukraine and the development of mechanisms to improve its functioning by the state, regions and business organizations. A significant attention is given to the construction of efficient financial relationships "the state - the business sector" as well as the development of efficiency management mechanisms of innovation activities in the region.

Since 2006 the attention of scientists of the department under the influence of the new challenges of time focused on the study of the financial problems of socio-economic development of regions. During 2006-2009 basic directions of activity of the department related to the need to study the theoretical and methodological approaches to determining capitalization of companies and regional assets. The main achievements so far were developed under the guidance of Doctor of Economics, Professor Kozoriz M. A. – methodological basis of assessment of the level of capitalization of businesses (2008), conceptual basis of assessing the level of capitalization of assets in the region (2009), guidelines for evaluating the level of capitalization of business entities (2008) and others. The following researches of scientists were directed at finding mechanisms to improve the efficiency of financial potential. The most important achievements of researches of the department should include the monograph "The financial potential of the region: mechanisms of formation and use" (2012), "Finance of the region: Theory, problems, practice (2010)"; research report "Conceptual bases of formation and assessment of the financial potential of the region" (2011). During this period the department actively developed competitive departmental subjects. Thus, employees of the department involved into the development of an interdisciplinary project "Intelligent automated information system for support of the budget process at the national super computer", which was implemented during 2010-2011 (according to the requirements of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine). According to the results of the project an information system support of the budget process at the regional level for all regions of Ukraine was created.

Since 2012 the attention of researchers led by the new Head of the Department, Doctor of Economics, Professor Storonyanska I. Z. localized on such important areas of research as the improvement of financial mechanisms for the formation of convergent model of regional development. Among the developments of the department relating to this subject, we should note the book "Regional development in Ukraine: Problems of integration and convergence" (2012), "Carpathian region: problems and prospects. Financial strength" (2013), scientific and analytical report "Financial resources of local budgets of Lviv region: Problems and ways to increase efficiency" (2013) and others.

Employees of the Department participate in scientific and organizational work for the integration of the efforts of research institutions, higher educational institutions and public authorities in the region. One of the examples of this collaboration is the development of the "Public monitoring of the formation, execution and reporting of local budgets of Lviv region", which was implemented with financial support from the International Fund "Renaissance." In 2013 the department staff performed research and analytical work "Monitoring of implementation of local budgets of Lviv region" (by request of Department of finances of the Lviv Regional State Administration), in which were developed conceptual approaches to the management of financial resources of local budgets.

Since establishment to the present day the department is growing, developing and constantly broadening and deepening the range of scientific interests. Today, under the leadership of Dr. Sci., Professor Storonyanska I. Z. in the department work such famous scientists as Doctors of Sciences Kozoriz M. A., Davymuka S. A., as PhD Woznyak H. V., Benovska L. Y., Muzyka I. S., Hrynchyshyn I. M. Young scientists Pelehatyy A. A., Klyuchnyk L. V., Klyuchak T. S. are actively involved into the development of the budget and economic themes. During the period of 2006-2013 years in the scientific heritage of the department there were more than 530 publications including 16 monographs.

Promising direction of activity of the department in terms of realization of the reform of local governance was development of the financial security mechanisms for the local communities and development of the concept of ensuring their financial viability.


Department in 2014


Department in 2012


In Department worked:

Denys Oksana Borysivna, Ph.D. in Economics, Associate Professor

Dolishnya Bohdana Oleksiyivna

Zhovtanetskyy Vsevolod Ivanovych, Ph.D. in Economics, Sen.Res.

Kozoriz Mariya Andriyivna, Dr. Sci. in Economics, Professor

Kudryavtseva Valentyna Hennadiyivna

Lyutkevych Olha Mykhaylivna, Ph.D. in Economics

Pushak Yaroslav Yaroslavovych, Dr. Sci. in Economics, Professor

Fedorova Halyna Pavlivna, Ph.D. in Economics


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