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Institute of Regional Research
named after M.I. Dolishniy of the NAS of Ukraine
(Dolishniy Institute of Regional Research of NAS of Ukraine)

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Department of regional economic policy

History of department

The history of modern scientific department was initiated by the establishment of the Department of economic management in Lviv branch of the Institute of Economics of the Ukrainian SSR in 1977 which was headed by prominent scientist and organizer of science Dolishniy M. I. Then the founders of Lviv school of labor resource Dolishniy M. I., Zlupko S. M. became the creative kernel of the Department. Their scientific research formed the methodological and methodical basis of the grounds of the nature of labor potential and for evaluation of its quality. The scientific achievements of this direction is complemented and is being actively developed now by famous Ukrainian preacher of consolidation of the country on the basis of Ukrainian national idea, Dr.Sci. in Economics, Professor Vovkanych S. Y.

In 1988, the Department of economic management was turned into the Department of regional development, and later into the Department of regional socio-economic policy and regional governance. The next years the department formed a group of talented scientists-regionalist, including Pysarenko S. M., Shevchuk L. T., Sadova U. Y., Semiv L. K., Ivanukh R. A., Tsapok S. O., Kopystyanska K. R., Frys R. D., Shchults S. L., Maksymchuk M. V. and others.

Within 1990s years under the leadership of Academician Dolishniy M. I. the scientists of the department developed projects of the State programs of socio-economic development for Carpathian region and Podillya region, Strategy of social and economic development of Lviv and Ternopil regions, prepared a number of analytical materials that were included in the regular messages of the President of Ukraine to Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

In the early 2000s on the basis of the department new structural units of the Institute were formed: Department of territorial social systems and spatial development, Department of regional socio-economic policy. In 2009 the Department of regional socio-economic policy was transformed according to the distribution of scientific projects to the Department of regional economic policy and the Department of social and humanitarian development of the region.

Current themes of the research of the department of regional economic policy are aimed at deepening of theoretical and methodological foundations of regional economy, development of methodological and methodical tools for research of economic development of regions of Ukraine, the formation of regional economic policies and improvement of the mechanisms of its implementation. An important direction of research of the department that is dedicated to the formation of competitive regionalism principles, headed by Dr.Sci. in Geography, Prof. Pysarenko S. M. The works of Dr.Sci. in Economics Shchults S. L., Dr.Sci. in Economics Maksymchuk M. V. are dedicated to the research of processes and phenomena of economic transformation of regions, problems of integration of their market space and the study of patterns of regional development that influence on the formation of regional policy in Ukraine. Young scientists Ph.D. Lutskiv O. M, Ph.D. Nazarkevych I. B., Ph.D. Popadynets N. M., Ph.D. Husyeva M. A., Ph.D. Shevchuk O. I. are actively engaged in the research of the problems of innovative regional development, the peculiarities of the internal market and foreign economic activity of regions.

Applied achievements of the department are presented by the development of the project Programs of support of towns of Lviv region, methodology of evaluation and monitoring differentiation of socio-economic development of regions and proposals to improvement of the Program of promotion of entrepreneurship in the city Lviv in 2014-2016. Significant scientific achievements of the department also should include: suggested scheme of macro-economic zoning of Ukraine based on the change in the paradigm of economic regionalization and meet the challenges of globalization and the requirements of effective spatial organization of economy of Ukraine, methodological approaches to assess the potential of industrial upgrading and regional system of indicators that reflect its components; methodological approaches to the assessment of structural changes in the economy of regions in space-sectoral dimension.

The perspective areas of scientific research of the department is to study the problems of formation and implementation of regional structural policy in Ukraine, the functioning and regulation of regional and local markets, ways of improvement of state regulatory policy in order to reduce inter-regional economic differentiation, as well as conditions of distribution and regional network of business structures and their impact on regional development.


Department in 2014



Department in 2009


In department worked:

Dolishniy Maryan Ivanovych, Dr. Sci. in Economics, професор, академік НАН України

Zlupko Stepan Mykolayovych, Dr. Sci. in Economics, професор

Ivanukh Roman Andriyovych, Dr. Sci. in Geography

Frys Roman Dmytrovych, Ph.D. in Economics

Shevchuk Oksana Ihorivna, Ph.D. in Economics


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