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named after M.I. Dolishniy of the NAS of Ukraine
(Dolishniy Institute of Regional Research of NAS of Ukraine)

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Department of development of territorial communities and transborder cooperation

History of department

History of department dates back to 1964, when at the Lviv Branch of Institute of Economics of Academy of Science of Ukraine the Department of Applied Cybernetics was created, which in 1971 was converted into the Department of Mathematical Modeling and Projecting of Control Systems.

From 1975 to 2011 the Department was headed by Doctor of Economics, Professor Boyko Y.I. During this period, the forces of the scientists of the Department were focused on finding ways of improvement of production structures and spatial modeling of territorial and productive systems; optimization of management of the development of industrial production at the regional level and enterprises, especially innovative; solving important conceptual problems of formation of mechanism of control and regulation of the investment process. During these years the department changed its name several times. Research activity of the department corresponded to the requirements of time and was found in numerous publications of scholars, in the defense of their dissertations, and the practical value of the research became possible due to the close cooperation of the department with many enterprises and organizations, and authorities.

Since 2010 scientific problems of the Department have extended on prognosis of the development of rural areas, the research of which has become one of the priorities of national regional studies in the age of European integration of our country.

In 2012 the name of the department was brought into line with the new scientific problems and it was called the Department of Prognostication and Development of Rural Areas. Since 2014, April the Department received its present name: Department of the Development of Territorial Communities and Cross-border Cooperation.

Basic scientific searches of researchers are associated with scientific analytical rationale of the theoretical methodological and organizational economic provisions of assessing and prognosis of the development of rural areas of Ukraine; prioritization, development of theoretical principles and practical recommendations on improvement of the ways of increasing and prospects of effective use of socio-economic development potential of rural areas of Western region of Ukraine.

During the period from 2011 to 2014, according to the results of scientific researches conducted by the department, published monographs: "Rural Development in the system of European integration priorities of Ukraine" (2012), "The Carpathian region: problems and prospects. - Vol. 4. Rural areas" (2013), "Strategic priorities and mechanisms for innovative rural development of territories of Western Ukraine" (2014), 3 brochures: "Conceptual foundations of innovative rural development in post-crisis period: the case of the Carpathian region of Ukraine" (2012), "Problems and prospects of rural Ukraine (on example of the Carpathian region)" (2011), "Rural development (status, problems and prospects" (2011), 167 papers, 65 thesises in the proceedings of the conferences. Basic theoretical and scientific provisions obtained in the research are reported in the media, they passed approbation and found its applied implementation on the level of state agencies and local authorities.

Significant place in the department work are taken by the competition themes and economic contracts. Department staff performed work for the competition theme "Development of rural areas in the system of European integration priorities of Ukraine: national interests and regional accents" (grant of the President of Ukraine, 2012) and economic contract "Development of a strategic document of the development of Lviv region for the long term perspective" (2013). In addition, scientists of the department are involved in the elaboration of the Program of development of rural areas of Lviv region for the period until 2015 (approved by the Head of Lviv Regional State Administration on 2013, May 29, No 302/0/5-13) and the Strategy of agricultural development in Lviv region.


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