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Department of regional ecological policy and environmental management

History of department

The department was established in 1981, January as a structural unit of the Lviv branch of the Institute of Economics of Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. During the years of activity its research directions underwent changes, but at all stages of development of strategic objectives of the department remained ecological and economic study of fundamental and applied problems of recreation development, environmental protection, environmental safety, development and implementation of regional environmental policy, environmental management and sustainable development of mountain areas.

Before 1994 the department had the name - Department of ecological and economic problems of Western region of Ukraine. At the initial stage of the department’s activity qualified scientific team was formed, which consisted of highly experienced professionals: Ph.D. (Econ.) Nudelman M. S., Ph.D. (Geog.) Trokhymchuk S. V., Ph.D. (Econ.) Tkachenko K. K., Ph.D. (Econ.) Lytvynovych R. M., Ph.D. (Econ.) Atatey I. M., Junior Researcher Kenihshteyn M. I., senior engineers Boyko M. A., Dzhyhil Z. A., Kuzyk S. P. and young engineers Nyzhnyk M. S., Hryniv L. S., Kravtsiv V. S., Zhuk P. V. Over time, other employees joined to the team.
The very first scientific developments of the department on problems of rational use of the recreational potential of the Carpathians were highly appreciated by scholars and practitioners. A number of scientific papers and books were published, including collective monographs: Industrial territorial complex formations. Dolishniy M. I., Tkachenko K. K., Lytvynovych R. M. and others. Kyiv: Scientific Thought, 1982, 202 pages; Carpathian recreational complex. Kyiv: Scientific Thought, 1984, 147 pages.
An important area of research in development of the department also became the theoretical foundations of the new interdisciplinary science - social ecology. The results of these studies Bachynskyi G. O. published in monograph: Socioecology: Theoretical and practical aspects. Kyiv: Scientific Thought, 1991, 152 pages.

Methodological bases of introduction of economic instruments of management of environmental protection (authors Kravtsiv V. S., Zhuk P. V.) in the form of the experiment were implemented in 1989-1990 in Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Volyn regions, cities Lviv and Ternopil. These were the first in Ukraine scientifically based decisions that have implemented the principle of "pollute – pay". Later, they were laid on the basis of national regulations on the introduction of economic management of environmental protection in Ukraine and until now these instruments operate in the form of environmental tax.

With the establishment of the Institute in 1994, the unit was renamed into the Department of regional ecological policy (since 2014 the Department carries the present name). The main areas of research were the justification of regional environmental policy and the developing of effective mechanisms for its implementation, the developing of theoretical foundations of the strategy of development of natural resource potential in the context of sustainable development.

Innovative methodological approaches to the study of the category of "environmental security" have been disclosed in the collective monograph "Strategy of environmental safety (regional context)". Ed. by Dolishniy M. I., Kravtsiv V. S. Lviv, 1999, 243 p.; monograph of Stadnytskyy Y. I. "Economic fundamentals of environmental sanitation (methodology and practice). Lviv: Lviv Polytechnic Institute, 1999, 260 pages; monograph by Kravtsiv V. S. "Regional environmental policy in Ukraine (theory of formation, methods of implementation). Lviv: Institute of Regional Research of NAS of Ukraine, 2007, 336 pages.
Substantiated theoretical and methodological approaches were laid on the basis of draft of government programs of socioeconomic development of the Carpathian region and Podillya, as well as a number of the regional and municipal programs for environmental protection.

Currently the subject of scientific research of department is focused on deepening the theoretical foundations of the policy of sustainable development of mountain territories, finding of effective mechanisms and instruments for its implementation. Materials of research are published in this profile, particularly in the monograph "Environmental security and natural resource potential", monograph in 8 volumes "The Carpathian region: problems and prospects of development", edited by Kravtsiv V. S. Lviv: Institute of Regional Research of NAS of Ukraine, 2013. Vol. 1, 336 pages.
Another important area of modern research of department are the justification of theoretical and methodological foundations and methodological approaches to construction of the system of mechanisms for regulating of environmental safety of cross-border region in terms of European integration of Ukraine.

Applied results of scientific research are highlighted in the 160 scientific notes, reports, recommendations that have been sent to the central, regional and local authorities, the vast majority of which have been positively assessed and practically applied.

Scientific achievements of the department during its existence illustrate over 30 monographs and more than 600 other publications. Its employees defended four doctoral and nine Ph.D. dissertations.

The staff of the department is full of creative ideas and scientific plans and is willing to continue to make every effort to further development and deepening of regional ecological and economic research.


Department in 2009


In Department worked:

Atatey I. M., Ph.D. in Economics

Boyko M. A.

Havrylyuk Volodymyr Vasylyovych

Hryniv Lidiya Svyatoslavivna, Dr. Sci. in Economics, Professor

Dzhyhil Z. A.

Kenihshteyn M. Y.

Kopach Mykola Vasylyovych

Kuzyk Stepan Petrovych

Lytvynovych R. M., Ph.D. in Economics

Nyzhnyk M. S.

Nudelman Mykhaylo Semenovych, Ph.D. in Economics

Samolyotov Pavlo Valentynovych

Trokhymchuk S. V., Ph.D. in Geography


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