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named after M.I. Dolishniy of the NAS of Ukraine
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Sector of spatial development

History of the Sector

The history of the Sector of spatial development starts from the establishment of the Department of territorial social systems and spatial development by the initiative of outstanding scientist, the founder of scientific school of regional studies the academician of NAS of Ukraine Maryan Dolishniy in 2005 and this department was lead by Doctor in Economics Lyubov Shevchuk. Since 2013 the Sector of spatial development is lead by Doctor in Economics Maryana Melnyk. During the functioning of the department basic and applied research on conceptual approaches to study the socio-economic zoning of Ukraine (2005), organizational and economic mechanisms of formation and development of regional social systems in terms of social market economy (2006), model of administrative-territorial system in Ukraine based on the identification of possible socio-economic consequences of their implementation (2006), the transformation of territorial and sectoral structure of economic complex of the Carpathian region (2007-2008.), territorial and structural processes in the region in the spatial aspect (2009-2010 .), assessment of the current situation and problems of systematization of social and economic development of small towns in the Carpathian region (2011-2012), assess the prospects of metropolitan functions of regional centers of Western Ukraine (2013-2014 years) were conducted.

The skilled staff of the Sector was and is represented by such specialists: Head of Sector – Prof. Melnyk M. (research interests: methodology of spatial development, institutional framework for the transformation of business environment of Ukraine), Ph.D. Shchehlyuk S. (urban settlement, spatial development of regions), Prof. Habrel M. (urban planning and urban design), Prof. Pityulych M. (territorial organization of employment, labor relations), Ph.D. Shevchuk A. (information technology, education, science and innovation in socio-economic development of the region), Ph.D. Kushniretska O. (socio-demographic and spatial and urban processes), Ph.D. Kazmir L. (problems of land management and spatial policy), specialist Leshchukh I. (financial and economic aspects of spatial development), Yaremchuk R. (convergent-divergent processes of socio-economic development).

Significant scientific studies of the sector is widely represented in a number of scientific publications, in particular, in a collective monographs "Foreign and domestic experience in reforming the administrative-territorial structure" (2007); "Regional social systems" (2007); "Promoting regional development of Transcarpathian Region" (2008); "Intelligent and innovative development of the region in the context of European integration" (2009); "Attracting Foreign Direct Investment in Ukraine: Problems and Policies activation" (2011); "The spatial development of the region: the socio-economic opportunities, risks and prospects" (2011); "Carpathian region: problems and prospects - Volume 5. Small Towns" (2013) and monographs: Melnyk M. "The investment climate in the region: theoretical and applied principles of research" (2005); Shchehlyuk S. "Formation of new economic activities in terms of the transformation of the economy" (2008); Melnyk M. "Formation of the business environment in Ukraine under the institutional Transformation" (2012); Shevchuk A. "Regional education systems: theory, methodology, practice of innovation development" (2013).

Employees of the sector were performers of competitive subjects (Grants of NAN of Ukraine for young scientists): "New approaches to assessment and creating investment climate of Ukraine in the terms of deepening of the European integration process" (Melnyk M., 2006), "Strategic directions of innovation in Ukraine in the context of new economic activity "(Schehlyuk S., 2007). Researches were also performed by economic contracts: "Strategy of economic and social development of Transcarpathian region by 2015" (2004-2005). "Justification of socio-economic development of the city in a separate sections of the General Plan of Lviv" (2007), "Promoting of regional development of Transcarpathian region" (2008).


Sector in 2009


In Sector-Department worked:

Habrel Mykola Mykhaylovych, Dr. Sci. in Technology, Professor

Hoblyk Anna Viktorivna, Ph.D. (Tech.)

Demkiv M.V., Ph.D. (Tech.)

Komarnytska Hanna Omelyanivna

Shevchuk Andriy Vasylyovych, Dr. Sci. in Economics, Sen.Res.

Shevchuk Lyubov Teodorivna, Dr. Sci. in Economics, Professor


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